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Bob Nunes

Born and raised in San Luis Obispo, CA. He has restored and custom painted everything from show cars, boats, Ferraris, high-end hotrods and motorcycles. He became famous among auto connoisseurs for his custom work and attention to detail. All paintings are done in oil and much larger and more detailed than these web images can represent.


I posted some photographs of myself and my body shop. June 6, 2010

Straight out of High School, I was hired by Dave Romero, and worked for the city of San Luis Obispo. I learned a lot from the older guys that I took throughout my life. I quit the city, then pursued my passion-- hot rods and high end cars.

I was also one of the youngest painters to paint for a dealership at the age of 20. I was the head painter for Briden Chevrolet and Corvette Dealership in Paso Robles, CA. I started Nunes Auto Body in the '60's. Through the '70's and '80's, the shop was Nunes and Jefferies. Late '80's to late '90's, it was Nunes Pristine Auto Body.

I started working on cars when I was 14. My Dad taught me quite a bit, I was working on a couple of cars in the yard all the time. Friends at the house, Mom's cooking, music, and hot rods. From an early age, I was hanging out around all the body shops and machine shops learning everything I could. In the '60's.  In 1986 I went to  Sikkens German Paint School in Los Angeles and earned my paint certification. I went to Cuesta College and spent many hours at Cal Poly learning welding and machining.  I started my career using lacquers and ended using polyurethane.

At one time, Nunes Pristine Auto Body was one of the biggest shops on the Central Coast, San Luis Obispo and Atascadero, CA. I owned the property right off Highway 101. The building was one of the oldest buildings in Atascadero, and was once the Ford Agency.

We were a major repair facility and we were a direct repair shop for all major insurance companies. All of our technicians, including myself, were I-CAR gold certified in major collision repair with laser frame equipment, everything computerized.

I did repairs on front-ends, rear-ends, and all aspects of collision repair including custom car fabrication, top chopping, and custom work using lead technique. Nunes and Jefferies specialized in sports cars, high-end collision repair, and some hot rod fabrication. I also worked for Matthew's Chrome Plating and Tombstone Engraving and learned sandblasting Deep Carving. I was involved in all aspects of the chrome plating business, and did all my own polishing and chrome plating for all my hot rods. Lucky Me!

I was the head painter at Nunes and Jefferies Nunes Pristine Auto Body. I had people stopping by my shop in the hot rods. You never knew who was going to show up. That was part of the joy of it. "I have always been an artist, but you can't make money painting with a paintbrush, like you can with a spray gun."

My heroes WWII generation!

My Personal cars are in more than 20 magazines, hot rod issues.


    Enjoy the Ride Bobby Nunes

 Inside of shop

Old News Article:

Was at the corner of El Camino Real and Olemeda. The steps and a pond remain there today.

N.T. Winters purchased Sherman's garage in 1924 and also served as president of the Business Men's association.
They are just like the ones in the 1928 photo of the building. The garage building has housed a number of businesses since it opened; including the local Ford dealership. A former baseball player, lefty Leverenz, was the long-time Ford dealer for Atascadero. Atascadero Ford was the last auto dealership to be housed in the building.

For a few years it served as an outlet for classic and vintage cars. Tours will be available of the interior of the old garage. The new exterior wall was constructed on the backside , skylights repaired, a new ceiling in the lobby and new floors put down.

Bobby Nunes has filled the lobby with a number of antiques he's collected over the years. During renovation old checks and registers were found inside the walls. Parts of one of the vintage gas pumps were found in the attic.
In 1998 Atascadero Chamber of Commerce named the business to receive the beautification award.
Atascadero Historical Society presented a plaque for the front of the business...

Although the exterior of the vintage old garage has undergone a number of changes during its many years, it still serves the auto industry, now as a paint shop.

      These photos are just a few of the cars 


Bobby Nunes' LegShow T Roadster


Some work of mine

Some detailing work of  mine

Some work for F.McLintock's

Some detailing work on a boat I did

Another view of the boat

Flames for a boat Flames I did on a gas tank
My truck (69' Chevy) chop top and customer paint
(Click to enlarge)
My truck - Picture taken in 1963 (55' Chevy)
 (Click to enlarge)

Custom Truck - Chopped and all blacked out

A customer's Lamborghini
The money was in sports cars.


Some body shop work - Metal finishing

Freshly painted frame hanging in the shop

Another freshly painted frame drying
Me doing some bodywork outside the shop

1967 "Floppy Bumb"

Me at work (My shop in San Luis Obispo)

My Best friend and shop foreman Jerry Floyd (Left)
Bobby Nunes smiling (Right)

 Me working on cars at 20

This is the paint booth at the shop


Having fun

Who is this guy? 1970 (Click to enlarge)

Me and good friend Jean Estrada (Click to enlarge)

Me with the Model A in front of the 1211 Pismo St.

Bobby and Tommy Nunes in front of 1211 Pismo St.

 Circuit Winner

Bobby Nunes 1972

Out in front of the house (San Luis - 1211 Pismo St)


June 1975 - Popular HotRoding Magazine (SLO T)
This car was at the Paso Robles Mid-State Fair when damage was done to it.  
Sam Foose Appraised the car in 1972 at my body shop.

Grand Champion - Santa Barbara
Class Winner (First In Show) -
Oakland Roadster Show, San Mateo, San Jose, Fresno, LA, San Diego, 
People's Choice - Visalia, San Luis Roadsters, Lodi, Early Times LA, Pismo, Santa Maria, Sanmta Barbara 


"Leg Show T" - Bobby Nunes (Taken 1992 in SLO Shop)

Bob brings from the past fresh new ideas that are uniquely his. One of a kind artwork. Bob was a James Dean fan and painted the James Dean Memorial.
Bob also won the 1st annual James Dean run in Cholame were Dean was killed.
As the founder of Nunes Pristine Auto Body Bob knows first hand about creating creating rolling works of art.
Motorcycle and car shows are a billion dollar industry in the US and work by this California artist are consistently judged to be among the best.  Again and again he received the highest awards for his automotive art. Recently, local newspaper writers at the San Luis Obispo Telegram Tribune have gained an interest in Bob's glass works and have written an great article covering this aspect of his art.

   Uncompromised Quality has made the name Nunes synonymous with quality.
As Bob says "My paintings are the day journals of my life. This is my story and I am the only one who can tell it."

33' Ford (Photo taken in 1966)
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San Luis Obispo High 1959 - Bobby Nunes
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Bobby Nunes Age 13 - 1211 Pismo St. (DoodleBug)

San Luis Obispo High School 1959 - Bobby Nunes
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Bobby Nunes Left and Marvin Silva Right
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Lt. Bobby Nunes ROTC 1961 - Camp San Luis
Honor Cadet of the year
(Also Part of the Championship Drill Team)


Artist Portfolio

My Cars 50's & 60's & James Dean

 "Leg Show T" Roadster

Artist's Legacy

Tribute to James Dean

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