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My name is Bobby Nunes. I owned Pristine Auto Body in San Luis Obispo for 40 years. I rebuilt "Leg Show" T in 1989. The original "Leg Show" T was sold in the mid '70's, ended up in Illinois in 1989.  I crack myself up for jumping guys!!
TRADITIONAL. There's nothing more traditional than a BEAUTIFUL fully polished Jag rear-end, twisting and shimmering in the wind from the '60's and 70's. There were only a handful in the '60's. The cornerstone has always been buggy springs-- Model A and Model T. They didn't ride well or work well.

It was scheduled to go to Oakland in 1994 and was in promoter's brochure for AMERICA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL ROADSTER award. I decided not to go and the car looked just as shown. Danny's "LEG SHOW" T was featured in ROD AND CUSTOM, COVER CAR, January 1971.


LIKE A VERY EXPENSIVE MOTORCYCLE, everything is either polished stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, or brass--every bolt, nut, and washer. Every part underneath car is exquisitely detailed to absolute perfection. Words cannot describe the elegance and masterful craftsmanship, precision machine work-- which was done by myself and machinist friends of mine.
Cut glass on windshield, floral design, one-of-a-kind. I bought a new 327 Corvette engine, 375 horse. I added polished aluminum heads. I polished and ground smooth the block. THE UPHOLSTERY WAS DONE IN DARK CHAMPAGNE MOHAIR ,CANDY-APPLE PURPLE PAINT, Same as the body and frame, rear- end center section ground smooth candy paint also, 2-speed B and M power glide polished transmission. Rear-end Jag mark 10-- completely chromed and polished. Also, quick change center section, custom Buick wire wheels, rear 12-inch, front-end torsion bar, machined fabricated, all front suspension, including frame, parts of jag rear, headlight brackets, radius rods, steering arm, washer and bolts, handmade stainless steel steering wheel, all machined and custom made. Original '09 headlights and taillight. { '09 BODY IS A WORK OF ART.}
Brass battery box and 6 1/2 inch brass radiator. Air scoop, mirrors, and gas tank--- all OCTAGON, --- ONE-OF-A-KIND ART AND CANNOT BE DUPLICATED.


























Side Pipes






Side No Top



Studio No Top

                                    RIP My G                          Rip My Good Friend Jim Babbs

Bobby and Tommy Nunes (San Luis Obispo 1957)

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Mike, Life is about karma.  Before you dig a grave for someone else, dig one for yourself. 
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                                                                        ~Bobby Nunes


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