"This Too Shall Pass, Son"

A house in the '50's. They met down the street at the park. Had three children. Artists each one. Not close. And sad, too, even today. Through the years too many wives. The husbands and kids and everyone's tears. They focused no blame. Listening and caring. Never thinking of themselves. And the smell of the house and the food---how I love that old house!

And now in their old age, no one calls anymore or hardly comes by. Things happen!! One falls, staring at shadows. A tear falls to the ground. ONE FELL TODAY!! I felt a bullet go through my heart.

I shouted to God!! I went outside, sat in a chair with my dog by my side. The sky was very gray. Things in bloom. I love this time of year. The new yet the old. I lost two that I had for 11. Now, they too, are gone. How I miss them. It's done! Such as life. I am old now and think to myself the artist inside me goes deep, deep into my soul. I hear a voice! "BE QUIET! HUSH! LISTEN TO HEAR GOD!"

And then I remember. I feel a soft touch on the side of my face. "THIS TOO SHALL PASS, SON!" Oh, so old! Soon to be in a much better place. And start anew.

Bobby Nunes


Ashes To Dust

You can't take and steal life, live and think to yourself, No one sees me, I can do what I want. Cheaters and liars, and SLANDERERS, as well. There is a meaning for "Don't bear false witness", in case you don't know.

The rich man hides under his roof with all of his things. They think to themselves, Look at everything God brings. You would be wrong to think this is God. Someday there will be Heaven or Hell. I cry out!! They fell like a stone to the ground!!

You have chosen your life here in this world, but not in the next. God knows our hearts and feels the pain of people we've hurt. Karma comes back. Black. Dark. No spaces between. God watches all.  What is wrong with the World ?!
Ashes To Dust

This poem was written because I love and trusted people who befriended me.

Bobby Nunes


Karma is simple terms.  Thoughts lead on to purpose!  Purpose goes forth into action, Actions form habits, habits decide character!  And character fixes our destiny.  People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. 



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